Small revamp to chatbot, POS and | Readings

This week has been all about trying to finish my two projects (POS-mobile and the chatbot). I’ve been doing a bit of cleaing on the POS-mobile and I’m happy on how I got internationalization working. Still think that the server components devex is a bit bad. Hoping it will improve with the intro of React 19 🤞🏼. The chatbot took me around 30 minutes this week where I asked for copilot to update the css to use tailwind. Got immediate improvements to the UI and got to delete a bunch of code. This feels like magic ✨.

In the between projects, I’ve started writing a new article on my series of “data impostor”.

Of course the Euro is going and I’ve been keeping an eye on the competition (go Portugal!) 😅


Goal of the week

  • Finish writing the chatbot
  • Publish article on querying iceberg locally
  • Trim down on the omnivore reading list (129 articles 😳)