Chatbot, me vs nextjs | Readings

For this week my main goal had been on advancing on a chatbot UI to the openAI api. I’m using the assistant API for a private project. The application is working as an MVP and even got it using the streaming API.

After I do a final deploy of the app I’ll write a post about the experience of setting an assistant.

Another project I got was to redeploy the POS-mobile in a new server since Planetscale hobby plan is no more 😭. I’ve done very quickly to supabase thanks to prisma. With a quick swap of the client and the credentials and done!

Sadly I went down the rabbit hole of demoing some new features:

  1. Thermal printing with WebUSB API
  2. Migrate to next app routing
  3. Setup Supabase authentication

I was successful with the first 2 but with the introduction of server/client components I’ve been battling about grasping how this works. The signIn requests stopped working and it seems that the recommended way is to keep as much as possible on the server and create tiny client components (as these are the ones that support things like useEffect and useState).

So, at the moment I have a Demo that took a whole day and that I’m unsatisfied with. Of course this means I’ll be devouring next docs for this week 😅


Goal of the week

  • Finish development of the app UI
  • Develop auth flow on pos-mobile app
  • Trim down on the omnivore reading list (155 articles 😅)