Porto data | Readings

Although my focus was to be with the Udemy course I have to be frank that I’ve done almost nothing. However, I’ve gotten to work a bit on delivering where I pick on the data from explore porto and show it more practically. I used nextJS and GitHub Copilot to quickly get a POC but when I started to use it I realized that the data itself wasn’t reliable. After 1/2 days feeling that I wouldn’t be able to improve the project however, I got a response on Reddit stating that I might be able to read the data from the MQTT bus directly. I still need to check it but it has given me new hope of at least delivering an API with more reliable data.

Readings of the week

Goals for this week

  • Still to Finish the AWS Data Engineer course (Udemy). (Part 3)
  • Run small tests on the data from the MQTT bus
  • Read the aws glue documentation