One month later... 🤦‍♂️ | Readings

So, I’ve been without writing an update for the last month… And with that got to >100 articles to read on omnivore 🤬. But the thing is that’s not my main objective. At the moment I need to get going with the AWS Certification. And right after that I want to pick on creating a RAG app for my personal notes. Something like dot.

So, let’s do more by doing less 🤞

Saga of host of personal notes

So, to give some context, I tend to write a lot on my personal notes. As I want as much control on this data as possible, I moved from Notion to hosting on Git. However, this tended to be cumbersome as working with git on mobile is lacking to say the least. So now I’ve decided to keep it in sync using a file sync service. Syncthing doens’t work on IOS (yeah, migrated to an iphone because of work) and dropbox and Onedrive is blocked by my emploeyer. Google drive doens’t allow third apps to edit on IOS. So what am I to do?

Side note: Moved from spotify to youtube premium. I’m mostly watching series like critical role or educational content and as I get youtube music with it it just made sense.

Readings of the week

Something I’ve been thinking about is that as I read a lot I also get less time to code. I’ll need to skim read more so I’

Goals for this week

  • Finish the AWS Data Engineer course (Udemy). That’s it 💪