When should I read? When should I code?

So for the second week I’ve been taking care to map my day life into the calendar. Funnily enough, I got to read How Do You Spend Your Time? - Marc’s Blog by Marc Brooker which states a bit the idea I was starting to map in my head. There will never be a “perfect week” but if we don’t measure we can’t know where we might me lacking.

So, now I have created the following calendars:

  • General: self leisure time and others
  • Code: For side projects
  • Reading: Getting through my reading list
  • Cooking: a man gotta eat
  • Social: d&d, eating out, being with friends, etc
  • Deep Work: the actual work, coding, documenting, and so forth (not counting the work meetings)
  • Workout: exercise is good for my health

Looking at the list above it would be perfect to have a script to get a summary of a given time window (something to do later). For now I’m quite happy I got to set time boundaries for reading (my reading list as really gotten down). For next week I’ll be trying to map the hours here to get a self review of how I could improve, for now I’ve set the work.

With this said, I haven’t gotten anything done for the AWS Certification this week. I’ll be sure to get more done instead of only reading articles.

Readings of the week

So, after a lot of reading (around 8h this week) I got to 5 to read article on omnivore. If I keep this down I guess I can finnaly get to read the Pandas docummentation.

Goals for this week