Review of time limits | Readings

For the past week I set the goal of limiting the time I spend on the phone starting with my technical reading. The goal was to have a clear time slot for my tasks which in turn, should help organize my life.

To get it done, as most of my reading is through my Pixel phone, more specifically from omnivore, I decided to use the app time limit. Although I started with 90 minutes per day, the truth is that it was too much as I divide myself between Firefox and omnivore. So I set 1 hour between each. And I think this is a game changer for me!

Where before I would battle for reading between every nook and cranny I had, now I set time aside to read in one skoop and if not possible revert to how I did before. But now I feel a hit of dopamine as a reward when I reach the limit and know I have the rest of the day for other projects.

I quickly set the time limits for other apps but I’ll keep tweaking the times as I make sure this becomes part of my routine.

On a further note, I’ve started coding a bit on an open source project to convert ebooks to audio. I’m very interested on adding style TTS 2 and being able to quickly allow anyone to generate a high quality audiobook from his DRM free ebook. Still very early on testing but I guess this is a side effect of having well defined periods for readin (it frees me to do other things).

Readings of the week

As a result of the test, I’ve gotten to read to a lot. From a list of >100 to read I’ve gotten into 49 articles which at this rate I should trim to zero in no time. It would be perfect if the 1 hour per day rule allowed me to ony to read the articles but also to read technical books/write a bit myself. Let’s see how this goes for the next week.

Goals for this week

  • Keep testing the 1 hour per day rule for reading
  • Open a PR with a proposal for the epub_to_audiobook repo
  • Advance on the AWS data engineering prep course