Week update | Readings

This has been a slow week in terms of reaching my goals. I wanted to finish the semester but life happened and took my free time to either put series&reading up to date or stay with family. In practice, I’ve focused on trimming the Omnivore reading and I guess I’ll keep doing it as I tend to prefer to focus on one thing at a time. If I’m lucky, I’ll have the reading all done by Wednesday and I’ll pick on the challenges again. After this, I’ll set my goal to have a challenge done per day. Not great as I’m behind schedule but need to be realistic at this point.

Readings of the week

Goals for this week

  • Write article on DuckDB project
  • Trim omnivore list (finish all article saved up to 2024-01-01)
  • Finish Advent of Code challenges 13 to 16 (one per day)