Meetup and final week for the semester (hopefully)

Meetup done! Got a couple of notes to improve the project and I’ll be sure to write an article this week on the subject (might consider publishing in parallel to other platforms like medium and Substack as they provide more visibility). As my second goal, I’ll be focusing on doing the Advent of Code as this is the final thing before reviewing what to do until July.

Readings of the week

I’ve been doing light reading and finished the book on equality from Thomas Piketty. For this week I’ll be focusing on trimming the omnivore queue and when tired, reading/listening to “This is How You Lose the Time War”.

Of course this could sidetrack very easily as I’m at 164 articles to read 😅.

Something to note from my readings this week is the introduction of the JIT compiler in Python 3.13. For now it doesn’t give much of a speedup (2% to 9%) but provides the groundwork for much important and complicated optimizations.

Goals for this week

  • Trim omnivore list
  • Finish Advent of Code
  • Write article on DuckDB project
  • Write article on Semester review and set the ground for the next one