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I’ve been able to move my personal thoughts and notes to Logseq instead of just using random notes + vs code. I can easily revert to the old way as the ony thing I had to change for the migration was rename my files from YYYYMMDD.md to YYYY_MM_DD.md. Simple enough!

As the tool doesn’t have git sync builtin for Android, I’ve had a bit more trouble setting up Syncthings. I’ve yet to fully understand how it functions but for now I’m quite satisfied. For backup I still keep the git working on my local computer.

Additionaly I’ve been thinking a bit on how to keep working on the Code challenges and I think I need to do an hybrid. I’ll be picking on doing a course this month instead of the code challenge. The code challenge will be left for December with the Advent of Code.

Finally I have to prepare the POS systems for the traditional São Magusto festivity where I live in.

Web Dev

Progress: 10%

Another week with ADR’s…

Code challenges

Progress: 4%

So I’ve decided to revamp this section and get a certificate around Flink. Still need to choose one

Data Stream

Progress: 25%

I’ve had a bit of laziness on picking on this. My goal was to have all developments finished by Saturday but I’ve got a lot more to do. I’ve boostrapped dbt to power the analytics, I’ve fixed a bug as I needed to have say I have the following checklist divided by the project and the presentation:


  • How many trips are being canceled?
  • What are the lines with more cancellations?
  • What are the lines with biggest delays?
  • What are the stops with the biggest delays?
  • Create an iceberg table on top of the parquet
  • Preset dashboard with all analysis above


  • Intro to the problem
  • Present the loader to sqlite
  • Present the loader to S3 + parquet
  • how to create the iceberg table
  • Demo of duckdb + dbt
  • Show the preset dashboard with the analysis


Progress: 20%

Second week under a storm (now called Ciáran). I’ve gone to 2 soccer games but I’m yet to run 10KM for the São Silvestre training. Moving the progress a bit nonetheless.

Readings of the week

And this has been the week I trimmed the list to 0. I’ve add to delete a lot of articles which I just wouldn’t been able to read but I’m quite happy. My expectations now is to have this list trimmed every month instead of trying to keep it at 0 every day.