Readings basically

Web Dev

Progress: 10%

This weeks has been all about ADR’s Funnily enough I saw this article appear on my feed 😅.

Data Stream

Progress: 20%

As the loader keeps retrieving data I’m looking into focusing on the analysis bit of with preset + motherduck for this weekend. Let’s see if I can get some progress going on.


Progress: 10%

For this week I’ve gotten rain for the whole week. This means I just got to run for the soccer game but as this becomes recurrent I need to either find the time to go swimming or find a backup training at home.

Readings of the week

I’ve gotten exactly back into 77 articles from a point of 113 articles. It has become clear that I just can’t read everything, at least in detail, but I’m thinking I’m getting better. At least this occasional pruning seems be necessary. A given articles that at first holds me just loses interest after a few days