First week of the semester | Readings

For this week I can start to do an update status by each subject.

Web Dev

Progress: 0%

I’ve gotten a bit better working with Jest. I tried using Jest projects but found out there are a couple of options that aren’t available.

Code challenges

Progress: 4%

Gotten one LeetCode challenge done in both Typescript as well as Python. Hoping to decide on the third language on the next week.

Data Stream

Progress: 1%

I’ve mainly gotten to work on graphql API and found what might be the best endpoint to retrieve the info. To complete the first phase of the project, which it’s to have a deployed system that retrieves the data every x seconds and stores it on a DB.

I may start by writing the graphql reader in python and store it directly in Postgres. After getting this done as a PoC I’m thinking that I could set the realtime streaming by using Postgres CDC and writing again to the DB in a clean state. This because I want to test a complete streaming system with the current project.


Progress: 0%

No progress on this front. Planning to have a closed presentation on the Webdev for next Friday.


Progress: 0%

No progress on this front.

Readings of the week

On the reading I’ve been able to get a bunch of articles read. As I’ve switched to omnivore I’ve gotten a new deno script to output the read article as markdown and archive them ( I would like to also add a flag to get the full output with the notes and highlights to help me write down a bit more of my thoughts on each article 🤔