Omnivore & Semester | Readings

After listening to Python Bytes episode 349, I decided to give a try to omnivore. I really like the notion integration but sadly I think I didn’t get to the habit of opening the links as loading articles was slow and I had the constant feeling that they weren’t available offline.

I’ve also decide to divide my time into Semester after reading the vox article. I’ve setup 5 different classes with general objetives (still to be refined) and will span from September up until January. Hopefully beginning of January I can wrap-up it all and get “free-time”.

This doesn’t leave me much time for reading except to try and get more knowledge on the subjects I picked which currently are:

  • Web Dev
  • Code challenges (pequenos desafios)
  • Data Stream
  • Communication
  • Sports

I’m hoping to better refine the goals so that I can have a % completetion feel but my main objetive is to solidify what I feel should be the skills of a mid level data engineer.

Readings of the week