Return from vacations | Readings

I’ve spent more than one week without writing an update. Since then I’ve had the biggest vacations I had since I started working (almost 3 consecutive weeks). In that time I’ve done a bit of reading and skimmed the entire book of Flink. Now I think I actually need to develop in Flink to gain experience but I’d also like to read the Spark one and decide on what might be the better one to run tests.

Regarding the Flink book it was an interesting one but I’ve got to say that for me I would also love to have a section on how to run stateful streams on both Table API and SQL. I guess this isn’t that type of book but I prefer to start with the simpler use cases and then move to DataStream API and only then to the StateFunctions. Nonetheless, it was a nice challenge to focus on the book and avoid all other distractions. Got it done much faster, felt more fulfilled, and was able to take notes.

Now I’m picking a book that’s less technical (Thinking Fast and Slow) and I’ll be trying to reduce (again) reduce the backlog of articles to 0. This is due to not being sure of which should be my next project.

Readings of the week