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I’ve gotten to do some small improvements to the mobile website. I’ve in the pipeline the addition of an admin page to administer the event and from which I’m hoping I can add more features if needed. I’ll try to keep it small and modular but should be interesting as at this point I’m using planetScale for the system I’m going to implement the auth using Supabase and need to connect to the original database in MSSQL. 😅 Let’s see how Prisma can handle more than one DB.

I’ve also been keeping myself up to date with the reading and the plan is now to stop and focus on reading the flink book. I’m hoping to be able to contain myself and remain focused.

Something else that I’ve been thinking about is if all this reading and learning could be made useful in some way as a service. Could I provide some kind of data platform with the best ideas I get and want to test and make a template for others to use? And maybe use it to teach, implement the newest ideas, and maybe, just maybe help others implement it? This is a SaaS that I’m thinking 🤔. Or maybe I should consider the idea of giving my time to help with an open-source project.

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