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Molho de milão 🪦

A month has passed since my last week’s review. A bit has happened since and I’ve gotten around to playing D&D with friends. It seems like an ancient game but it provides a lot of fun. I’ve also been trying to rethink what might be the next thing. I’ve for some reason not gotten the energy to advance on the talks but I’m guessing this is where I got the most done. Teaching is one of the best ways to learn. The idea of getting a book published is a long-term goal but I want to write and present a lot more before I gather enough material for a book.

So, I’ll be revisiting my idea of getting back into conferences and meetups. Doing one meetup per month and a conference a year would be my end goal. And getting again into both data mesh and the metrics layer might be good data themes. Or I could just push for the experimentation mentality. This seems like something so generic but so important to implement… Having a culture of experimentation is something that I’ve seen in a few companies but it’s not easy to implement. So it could be a very interesting take and wouldn’t necessarily be only the hot topic.

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