New moves! | Readings

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya

This week I’ve been a bit late on the reading update as I’ve gotten to move from pocket to notion, so a bit of reading to try and clean my huge reading list on Pocket. I’ve written in 10 minutes a quick script to get all newsletter articles from Notion which, compared to Pocket API is a HUGE improvement. To make it quick I’ll create a new ClI in Deno.

It seems I’ll also be back to data which will bring some good challenges. From a quick look I’ll need to work full stack and be able to:

  • Catalog datasets
  • Define tooling for data quality
  • Define key metrics
  • Improve processes using data
  • Be able to fuzzy match which might require some AI? (need to read for into the internal problems we have)

Readings of the week