TIL | 2023-01-25

Today I learned

  • Metabase can have a little issue on 0.45.1 converting a number from dynamodb (bigint when it should be a decimal)
  • SQS FIFO works in batches. It doesn’t process the next batch while the current isn’t finished or redirected to a dead queue
  • Messages are ordered by the message group ID (just like in kafka topics) (source )
  • EventStorming seems to be a nice tool to gather all domains and understand the workflow through a timeline and detect potential bottlenecks
  • Finances
    • PCI DSS = Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (currently on version 4 and required to process data from card networks)
    • SAD = Sensitive authentication data
    • PAN = Primary account number
    • Uptime: is a measurement of system reliability and is typically expressed as a percentage of time the computer, server, or system has been working or ready for use
    • Availability is the probability that a system will work as required when needed during a mission period

Things I’d like to learn

  • Can the dataflow be automated using X-ray maps?