Rust, Deno, and Genome | Readings

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Funny how I thought I read so much but in terms of the material I’ve set for the readings I only got 4 articles. My reading list has grown so much on Pocket that I’ll need to take a day to trim it and what I find useful 😅. In terms of work done I’ve kept reading about Rust but in terms of actually reading the book I’ve been stuck on chapter 13 sadly (65% complete). I’m blaming Geography now and Climavores 🙄, really interesting but time-consuming media. But I’ve gotten to help my family and created a web scrapper in Deno to quickly find and alert of new houses in Netherlands. I’m thinking of writing something about my first steps in picking the JS runtime. Finally, I’ve done an initial MVP to find a specific pattern in a human sequence. This is related to giving a hand for a research project which will be very CPU intensive and is a perfect project to implement in Rust and try to obtain as much speed as possible. For the next week, I’ll again focus on advancing on the book and I’d love to have a Rust prototype in Rust, in parallel with the python version.

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