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Vigo ligths,

With the first week of December going I’ve started working on some of the stuff I set out to do. I’ve read the first couple of Rust chapters. I’ve done the advent of code challenges up until now in Python. I set to do these in Rust but I was somehow hoping to have a couple of more chapters read before setting on this. So eventually I’ll need to revisit the challenges and do these. But Fasterthanlime set out to do these in Rust and I might try to do mine and learn a bit from his implementations. For the meetups, I’ve got it on hold and might pick these up again after I’m sure the presentation will take place. And I’ve gotten myself a Kecron K6. First Keyboard I bought in my life! I’m still getting used to it and additionally trying to do a bit more touch typing but it takes time. Especially for weird characters like ~, and {} which are not immediate to me but are very frequent for a Portuguese developer 😅

Readings of the week