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Bom Jesus Braga, Photo by Angela Compagnone

December is turning out to be a challenging one 😬. I’ve published the first article in some time (status updates don’t count). My goal is to get some traction and be able after publishing some to also get it on a publisher. But I’ve got a lot of work to get there. A nice feature I’ve added to the blog is the time to read. You can check now how long an article is! In the future, I might also add a search for when the blog gets slower and starts to need pagination.

But again, December. I’ve done some work on the talk and I’ve got two meetups in the pipeline, one for December and another in March. This is priority number one. Still need to finish the demo, train a lot, etc. And with a sudden change to a backend role, I’ve decided to take on a challenge. I want to learn Rust before the year ends. I’m going to start by reading “The Rust Programming Language” (can read here). Additionally, I’ll be testing myself against the advent of code. My goal is to help in a research project with a somewhat intensive computation, starting in January. This might be too much but lofty goals from time to time are also good 🧐.

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