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With the rise of Mastodon, I’ve gotten myself into publishing some small thoughts. Not sure how useful this might be as I tend to prefer RSS feeds to keep me posted, but I’ve updated my social links and I’ll be making an effort to try and find a community to interact with and, find new ideas, perspectives and, so on.

At the same time, as I’ve been slowly working on my talk, I’ve gotten myself into trying to submit more often and do more than publish some status updates. These help me reflect on the past week but I guess I want to truly bring more value than what I take. I’ve set up a publishing schedule and I’m hoping to start having some content at first regarding my talk on Duckdb for a data platform, and if it goes well, keep setting a schedule ahead. For now, I’m trying to be optimistic and publish every 2 weeks. I’ll be publishing here but as I don’t have any readers I’ll be making an effort to publicize on other platforms. This might mean things like Hackernoon and medium, and sharing the link with friends, colleagues, and social media. I’ll try to gather as much feedback as I can and hope in 2023 this becomes more recurrent.

I’m pretty happy with the fact I got around to publishing some of my thoughts as going from 0 to 1 can be harder than it seems.

With this said, for next week I’m hoping to publish my first article on DuckDB, and start the work on the next one. Both articles are helping consolidate the talk which I’ve already gotten a draft that requires a lot of refinement. Crossing fingers for this week to go as plan.

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