Status update

Photo by Ricardo Resende on Unsplash

I’ve quickly gotten a prototype to generate my reading updates. The python script (repo) uses the Pocket API (had to move away from instapaper as they didn’t approve a developer key for me to use). It facilitates a lot by listing the articles I’ve read in markdown. I might be doing some adjustments before publishing it as I might move this to typer cli, avoid recurrent logins and add additional features like cleaning the newsletter articles. Let’s see 😅

Another small project I’ve also built was Keg (repo), a simple URL shortener. It has an open API so you can just send a curl POST message to retrieve a shortened link:

curl --request POST \
  --url<your URL>

I’ve created as a small funny project to use when generating teams on my randomizer. As I wanted to avoid the need for a backend and the URL’s were getting big, this was a good solution.

Finnally I’ve added a single API endpoint to this blog to check how many visitors I have. While writing this I’ve remembered that it should handle CORS as I just want it to handle calls from the blog 😅


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