Reading Update

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Data Engineering

  • The new modern data stack Airbyte Airflow DBT - For the development of an ELT pipeline, the addition of airbyte to dbt and airflow is really interesting as it finally allows to have a full open source stack. It will be interesting to see how the developers will balance the need to monetize and open source it’s core
  • From daily dashboards to enterprise grade data pipelines - linkedin tells the history on how they came from a Teradata + microstrategy warehouse to it’s current architecture to help answer questions and retrieve insights from their data
  • Building Data Quality into the Enterprise Data Lake - paypal writes on how they built a Rule Execution Framework, a platform that provides multiple tools to increase data quality and lineage
  • Announcing ksqlDB 0.23.1 - This is more of a release note but my interest on streaming SQL has increased with time and I think this will be a game enabler for future data platforms
  • When Postgres blocks: 7 tips for dealing with locks - Citus Data gives 7 really good tips on some of the most common operations in postgres and should save some headaches
  • Understanding the Metrics Store - again with metrics, what we are seeing is a another movement of separating something that was done before on BI tools and accept that we need a centralized way of defining the organization metrics (which can later be used by BI tools )



  • Imitate, then Innovate - This isn’t a technical article but it resonates with my experience where I struggle first to learn and immitating help bring oneself to the next step and innovate on any given field