Reading Update | Hopes for 2022

Photo by Giammarco on Unsplash

2021 was an year where I got to fulfill some of my goals. I got a greater track of writing articles (most of them reading updates) and I got to talk at a podcast and at Coalesce. Of course this meant getting new knowledge in areas like dbt, data testing. I also got started on a second brain which is helping me to learn more and better (writing really helps). And these have been some of my main goals.

I got introduced into Scala and technologies like Spark but for 2022 I’m hoping to:

  • Read Scala book
  • Read flink book
  • Work with apache iceberg either in a batch and a streaming job
  • Talk in two conferences/meetups
  • Write more on the second brain (summarize of new things learned on each article)

Data Engineering