Reading Update

Photo by Serey Morm on Unsplash

I’ve taken some time from writing my reading updates and I’d say some of the articles have gone into something I like to call knowledge oblivion. I read them, found them interesting, some knowledge might have got stuck in the back of my mind, ready to be useful if the situation calls for it, but most of it is gone. One of the reasons for writing these reading updates is to consolidate and reflect a bit on important topics and be able to remember them. Nonetheless here are some of the articles I found interesting.


Data Engineering


  • A sticky situation: is a presentation on how Netflix built a platform to test their hypothesis. They started by testing hypotheses like, “will the system work if we kill this?” and later added the ability to move part of the traffic to new features and test key metrics. This latest use case is a great way of making data-driven decisions and I’d say it’s one that I’d like to implement on all products I develop/maintain