Reading Update

Photo by Biel Morro on Unsplash

This week I’ve gotten to read a lot on architecture. I’m still trying to reduce the articles on my pile and hopefully start an article of my own before my book of scala arrives.


I can’t recommend enough Our world in data, a source of multiple insights on how we are faring globally. This website has been heavily used for the book Enlighment now and I’ve gotten around to read Global poverty in an unequal world which presents a deep dive into how we measure poverty and how we could improve it.


I’ve been working with trino (former prestosql) for the last two years and I really like where it’s going with the increase of more connectors, the increase in performance and the constant add of SQL features like the one in Introducing new window features. Let’s hope the community around this keeps growing!


I’ve subscribed to Increment, a magazine published by stripe which usually deep dives into themes which sometimes are new to me (they’ve introduced the on-call tom me). For the last edition I’ve related a lot to Your brain on progress where Lara Hogan looks into how to manage big tasks.


Somehow I’ve read a lot on how we should be developing our data systems, be it for scaling, investment on open-source or best practices. I leave below some of the most interesting (in my opinion of course):

Stay safe and have a nice week!