Reading Update

Photo by Nicki Eliza Schinow on Unsplash

Data visualization

The creator of D3 writes a good summary of his last 10 years in 10 Years of Open-Source Visualization.

Data Warehouse

Clickhouse is starting to look like a good alternative to closed source datawarehouse. In the article Clickhouse as an alternative to ElasticSearch and MySQL, for log storage and analysis, in 2021) it’s presented some pros and cons for using it as an alternative to elasticsearch (one of them the simplicity of the cluster with and increase in performance). Uber has also published Fast and Reliable Schema-Agnostic Log Analytics Platform proposing clickhouse as a good solution for this specific use case.

Data Pipelines

A Data Pipeline is a Materialized View presents an interesting view that serves as an intro into Materialize’s introduction of their DBT adapter in Introducing: dbt + Materialize. At first sight might not seem much, but it introduces streaming data pipelines into DBT through improved materialized views. With the possibility of one day being able to declare SQL for both batch and streaming as shown in the paper One SQL to Rule them all, makes it a really good skill to have even as a data engineer.

Data Architectures

A good bird view of an up-to-date analytics stack in

Netflix also presented their data processing of a data mesh through apache flink on Netflix Data Mesh: Composable Data Processing

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