The Origin

I’ve tried and tried…

I’ve lost count of the times I’ve tried to start my own blog. Last year I wrote some articles on Medium but I’ve always thought that I needed to have my own space.

And so this is it. I cloned a repository from Gatsby (kudos to Kyle Mathews) and I’ll start from here. My previous atempt will be replaced and I’ll work on adding more pages little by little. For now, this is it. A bit of react, text written with markdown and not much else.

But I’m starting this blog with a simple goal. To improve myself as a software engineer and, maybe, help someone.

As such, here are my objectives:

  • Keep the blog simple and focused on software engineering
  • Keep the blog with google’s lighhouse score >90
  • Write at least one article per week

In terms of features I’m hoping to add later:

  • Progressive Web App
  • Label system
  • Animation on the landing page
  • Links to social sites like github and linkedin
  • RSS system
  • Custom Domain